Chief Festus Olawoyin Awosika (OFR), 1911-1965

F. O. Awosika: A Most Illustrious Ondo Son

His Friends, Our Benefactors

In October 1965, when it appeared that the light had gone out for us and our mother, the future seemed bleak. Then the seeds of friendship and kindness that had been sown by our parents began to bear fruit. Some friends stayed and some were never heard from again.

We owe a large debt of gratitude to God and our parents friends and relatives who stood by us. They opened their homes, their purses and their hearts. They gave us of their means, time, and counsel.

We are especially grateful to:

Chief Samuel Adelakun- Ondo

Professor Ben Yomi Awosika-Ibadan

The late Chief Akin Adesigbin-Lagos

The late Pa E.O. Alayande-Ibadan

The late Alhaji A.R.A. Disu-Lagos

Chief R.F. Fasoranti (OFR) and the late Chief (Mrs.) Diwura Fasoranti (Akure)

The late Alhaji S.O. Gbadamosi (Ikorodu)

The late Mr. Ayo Osinibi- Lagos

Mrs. Joke Sholesi-Lagos

A friend loves at all times…(Proverbs 17:17)

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